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Child Development / Child Health

Resource Information Program Description
KidsHealth Information on a wide range of topics, including health, growth and development, safety, nutrition and fitness, emotions, first aid, school, and family life.
Healthy Children (American Academy of Pediatrics) Information on a range of health topics including child development and milestones, healthy living, safety and prevention, family life, and health issues.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Parenting Information Information on developmental milestones, child health, and safety.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Child Development and Positive Parenting Tips Positive parenting tips by developmental stage.
Bright Futures for Families (American Academy of Pediatrics) Health information, including milestones, what to ask at doctor visits, family support, child development, nutrition and activity, oral health, safety and injury prevention, special health care needs.
Bicycle Safety Information on bicycle safety. Information is provided through videos and addresses wearing a properly fitted helmet.
Kids and Bicycle Safety (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) General bicycle safety information for parents. Includes a printable PDF.
School Bus Safety (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) Information for parents on how to talk with children about school bus safety, including topics such as waiting for the bus safely, getting on and off the bus safely, and using caution around buses. Also includes information on why seat belts are not used in buses.
StopBullying Information for parents, such as signs of bulling.
Online Safety Links to resources about bullying, cyberbullying, and children’s privacy.

Health Promotion – Nutrition / Physical Activity / Screen Time

Resource Information Program Description
Learn about the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, weight management, healthy eating, and more.
10 Tips Nutrition Education Series The Ten Tips Nutrition Education Series provides easy-to-follow tips in a convenient, printable format. Posting these on a refrigerator could be a good idea.
Let’s Move Steps for parents to help their family become more physically active.
How much physical activity do children need? Information on the amount of physical activity needed and the types of physical activity needed, such as muscle strengthening, and bone strengthening.
We Can! Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity and Nutrition (National Institutes of Health) Printable tip sheets for parents on topics, such as healthy eating, healthy weight, physical activity, screen time, and how to save money at the grocery store.
Kids Eat Right (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) Information on feeding, food, and nutrition.

Education / School / Learning

Resource Information Program Description
PBS Parents Contains guides on a variety of topics, such as child development and education and parenting resources.
Scholastic for Parents Contains guides divided by age group for helping children learn to love reading and learning. Includes resources for helping children with various subjects in school (i.e. flashcard maker and spelling wizard) and provides activities and printables.
Kids.gov (for parents) This website contains links for parents on topics, such as art, music, history, online safety, exercise, nutrition, jobs, reading/writing, science, math, money, and the government.
Money As You Grow Concepts that teach children about money.
Help Your Child Learn Information on topics, such as helping children with homework, succeed in school, and take tests and providing homework tips for parents.
GreatKids GreatKids is a collection of thousands of research-based articles, videos, and worksheets to help parents support their children’s learning.
Parenthetical Online blog, website, and social network for parents of tweens and teens, developed by researchers and educators from the University of Wisconsin. Downloadable resources cover a range of topics, including school, values and culture, risky behaviors in adolescence, peers, and technology and teens.


Resource Information Program Description
App: Go Smart (National Head Start Association)
Cost: Free; Availability: web-based
The Go Smart app is a coach in your pocket that showcases fun physical activities for children up to age 5. Parents, teachers, and caregivers can find developmentally appropriate activities anytime, anywhere, on any device. Watch video tips, share activities, get updates, track favorites, and build activity boards.
App: Cooking Matters
Cost: Free; Availability: Android Market and iTunes
Cook healthy, delicious family meals on a budget! Search 90+ chef-developed recipes with color photos and nutrition information. Pick up easy tips to save money in the grocery store. Filter recipes by categories, like 30-minute meals, diabetes friendly, one-dish meal, seasonal, and kid-approved.