THRIVE Resources

Breathe to THRIVE

African American Mom plays with child blowing bubbles.Mindful Strategies for You and Your Child
This resource guide provides practical tips and suggestions for parents on how to manage stress and help develop their children’s emotional well-being. The guide includes tips for relaxation strategies, how to recognize stress in children, mindful parenting, and mindful activities for children.

Cooking to THRIVE

Young girl holding fresh carrots picked from a garden.Healthy Eating and Recipes
This resource guide was created to help parents promote healthy eating among family members and increase the time spent together as a family. The guide includes recipes and sample menus.

Resources to THRIVE

Dad works with son to complete school workOnline Family Support
This guide provides links to resources and websites for parents and military families.

Moving to THRIVE

Smiling girl in pink shirt rides bikes with her parents.Physical Activity and Playtime Guide
This guide was created to help parents promote more family playtime and physical activity. It includes physical activity and screen time recommendations plus examples of activities for children in different age groups. It provides ideas for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Digging Deeper Modules

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Resource Information

How to Teach Your Child About Money.

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