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Branch Out, a program for parents and caregivers of youth and teens ages 10 to 18 years old, is part of the Thrive Initiative. This Initiative is a portfolio of parent education programs that focus on family strengths and meet parents and caregivers where they are. During adolescence, youth need their parents’ attention and support more than ever. With so many changes and transitions happening during adolescence, this phase of life is a time of excitement and anxiety – for youth and their parents. Branch Out is being designed to support caregivers in their parenting roles as they, in turn, nurture their child as he or she transitions from childhood to adulthood.

Parents and caregivers will learn strategies in Branch Out that will help them to foster open and honest communication, support their adolescent’s development and independence, understand their adolescent’s point of view, establish boundaries and guidelines, cultivate positive relationships, establish safety measures, and recognize the benefits and risks of digital media.

Branch Out, like the other universal Thrive parent education programs – Take Root, Sprout, and Grow – will be available in a web-based format to civilian and military families at no cost in December 2021.

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