Effective Discipline

As a child grows, they will increasingly encounter rules and expectations in multiple settings, such as their home and school. In order to assist their child in meeting these expectations, parents can use methods, like effective discipline, to help their child learn how to self-regulate and manage their behaviors. Your child can discover what behaviors are accepted and desired while they learn to understand the purpose and benefits of the rules they are expected to follow. When your child understands what actions are permissible, they are better able to choose behaviors that are accepted and rewarded!

To learn more, watch the Effective Discipline mini-booster module video, below, that was developed by Thrive!

The universal Thrive parent-education programs (i.e., Take Root, Sprout, Grow, and Branch Out), supplemental modules, and mini-booster modules are available for all parents for free at https://thrive.psu.edu.

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