Having Developmentally Appropriate Expectations for your Preschooler

Even though preschool-age children can do many tasks independently, they still need a lot of support from their caregivers. By giving your child developmentally appropriate tasks to handle, you are helping them learn new skills and increase their self-confidence as they accomplish tasks independently. The following video illustrates and explains how you can divide complex tasks into manageable steps. In addition, you can view and learn about what developmentally appropriate tasks may look like for your preschool-age child. By engaging with your child in these ways, you are connecting with them, teaching them life skills, and modeling positive behavior.

To learn more, watch the Having Developmentally Appropriate Expectations for your Preschooler mini-booster module video, below, that developed by Thrive!

The universal Thrive parent-education programs (i.e., Take Root, Sprout, Grow, and Branch Out), supplemental modules, and mini-booster modules are available for all parents for free at https://thrive.psu.edu

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